Friday, August 29, 2014

Featured Report: Doctor-patient video visits to triple to 16 million next year


Doctor-patient video visits to triple to 16 million next year
by: Brian Dolan
According to research firm Parks Associates the number of doctor-patient video consultations in the US will almost triple over the next year.
“The number of doctor-patient video consultations will nearly triple from this year to the next, from 5.7 million in 2014 to over 16 million in 2015, and will exceed 130 million in 2018,” Harry Wang, Director, Health & Mobile Product Research, Parks Associates said in a recent statement.  Read More

Fierce Mobile Healthcare

Mobile app privacy practices scarce, lack transparency
by: Judy Mottl
Mobile healthcare application privacy policies are hard to find, and those in place are not providing transparency on privacy practices and more than half aren't focused software, according to a new study.
The research, published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, states that of the 600 most common apps, just 183 boasted a privacy policy. Of those policies, about two thirds, or 66.1 percent, did not address the software and sharing practices.  Read More

Fierce Health Payer

Price transparency: a win-win for insurers and consumers
by: Diana Manos
Price transparency is more than just an exercise in being up-front--it's imperative to improve the bottom line for any health insurer, says a new brief from the nonprofit, Families USA.
Prices vary dramatically by provider, oftentimes with no difference in quality, leaving consumers with a hard time discerning where to get the most value for their money, according to the brief.
"More expensive providers do not necessarily deliver higher-quality care," writes Lydia Mitts, senior policy analyst for the organization, which advocates for affordable, higher-quality healthcare for U.S. consumers.  Read More

Med City News

Despite promise, mobile health faces slow road
While mobile health is an increasingly popular topic in healthcare and technology circles, patients – the most important piece of the equation – are still perhaps unpersuaded, according to a report in the MIT Technology Review.
One in 10 Americans owns some sort of health tracking device, from FitBit to Nike to Jawbone, yet more than half of those devices are no longer being used by the patient, writes Nanette Byrnes, citing consultancy firm Endeavor Partners.
With respect to mobile applications, more than 100,000 are available, but “very few” have been downloaded 500 times, while more than two-thirds of consumers have stopped using the apps, according to a PWC report   Read More

Healthcare IT Managed Services

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Featured Report: Making sense of the IoT opportunity

Fierce Wireless

Making sense of the IoT opportunity
by: Sue Marek
The Internet of Things, or IoT, is perhaps the most talked about area of the wireless market today. Part of the reason for this excitement is that IoT could play role in nearly every industry--from automotive to healthcare to disaster recovery and more.
However, it's becoming increasing difficult to separate the reality from the hype. According to IDC, which defines IoT as a network of networks where things communicate without human interaction using IP connectivity, IoT solutions will be a $7.1 trillion business in 2020. And Gartner, which excludes PCs, smartphones and tablets from its IoT projections, anticipates there will be 26 billion connected units by 2020. Cisco and others predict much higher--around 50 billion connected devices by 2020.  Read More

Wireless Week

Verizon, BlackBerry Offer Enterprises $150 Credit to Upgrade Devices
by: Ben Munson
Verizon and BlackBerry together are offering a $150 bill credit to enterprises for each legacy device they upgrade to a BlackBerry 10 smartphone.
In a short promotional video, the companies confirm the credit can be used to buy BlackBerry technical support services, sign up for BBM Protected, or anything else enterprises have in mind. It appears the credit can be applied on a fairly large scale—the video points out that 1,000 upgraded devices means $150,000 in credit.
The deal applies to the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Z30 and requires new two-year service commitments, as well as activation fees of $35 or more. No details on if the upcoming BlackBerry Passport will factor into the deal.  Read More

RCR Wireless News

iPad may hit laptop size 
Apple is at work on a 12.9-inch iPad, according to Bloomberg. The current full-size iPad measures 9.7-inches diagonally. The report says production on the new slates won’t start until next year. The global tablet market is still smaller than the PC market, but for Apple, tablets are the company’s second largest revenue source after smartphones. Analysts at Gartner say Apple had more than a third of the worldwide tablet market last year, but its market share was down from a year earlier. And iPad sales were down year-on-year during both Q1 and Q2 this year.
Adding screen size to the iPad may be Apple’s response to slower sales. It may also be a play for enterprise customers who could substitute a large tablet for a laptop computer. Apple recently signed a partnership with IBM, which will help the Cupertino company market its mobile devices to business customers.  Read More

Mobile Marketing Daily

Consumers To Share Data From Wearable Devices For Discounts, Coupons
by: Erik Sass
A substantial number of consumers (40%) would be willing to share personal information collected by “wearable” Internet-connected devices in return for discounts or coupons, according to a new survey of over 2,000 U.S. adults by Acquity Group, an Accenture Interactive subsidiary specializing in digital marketing. 
Sixty percent said they would share information from their cars in return for similar incentives (e.g., a free maintenance session).
Consumers are concerned about potential privacy violations related to wearable Internet devices, with 80% saying they have privacy concerns, and 57% saying reports of data hacks and breaches making them less likely to adopt wearable technology.  Read More

Wirehead Technology Mobile POP Applications

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Featured Report: Online Retailers Don't Fear Social Media

Online Retailers Don't Fear Social Media
by: Howard Lee
Wirehead Technology

Recently I got a call from a past client who had a problem understanding how social media to grow their business online. She told me that she was reading that posting picture on Facebook was a good way to create likes for her business. She said that she was posting up to ten times per day and did not see an increase in her business and did not know why.

Since I was one of those friends who got her post I told her while her post were fun and entertaining they did not say anything about her business and after time most of her Facebook friends forgot she was even in business. So my advice to her was change her post and feature pictures about her business and post of the products the sells. “Is that all I need to do?” she asked. No, lets go over what you done this past year to see where we are. “Last time we talked about crating a Facebook business page to promote your business. Have you been using that page?” I asked. “Not everyday” she said. “Yes I know you only have two items on that page I have checked”. “Do you mention your website on your post, and that people can use Paypal to order products from your Facebook or business page?” I asked. “No” she said. “So if you know that what you should do and not doing them what is the reason you are calling me”. I asked. “Well it's my competition I was at a trade show and some of the people who followed me online was complaining to me that they could not buy my products online and they went to my competition who quality was lower than mine, but they could buy his products online and send him messages via social networks” She said.

“Why can't I do that?” she asked me. “You can you have all the pieces you need all you have to do is connect them”, so what is the real reason you are not doing that?” I asked. I am afraid that I will get it wrong” She said. I chuckled at first. “You can't get more wrong then you have now”. But after she said that I thought about other small business and online retailers who also have not used social media effectively because they are afraid of the technology and the conflicting reports they have read about using social media in business. This fear has caused many small retailers to do nothing thinking they might do it wrong or trying to create a social media network by piecing together reports they have read that has nothing to do with their business that in many cases damaging their products or services and angering their current potential customers. So What should my former client do to create a social media network here's what I advised her to do.

  1. Make a plan. that is the main reasons that most business fail using social media. Making a plan gives you a roadmap you can use chart how social media can help your business with out you will spend time and money on schemes that go no where.

  1. Work with a consultant that understands business. I have seen business who have come to me after a so-called consultant who was no more than a salesman who after they sold their services moved on to another customer and left them in the dust.

  1. Don't believe the hype of new social media products. Everyday a new comes out saying how much money you can make using their tool. Before jumping in see how that toll can work with your business and if will benefit your business.

  1. Don't wait as may past client illustrated waiting only helped her competition take away her customers just because she didn't think that planing and creating a complete social media network was necessary to help her business. So if you are think about using social media for your business don't make her mistake. Starting planing your social media network today.

About the Author:
Howard Lee is CIO Wirehead Technology

Mobile Retail

Hello Retailers,
Can mobility really help you run your business and stay head of your competition? The answer is YES!! mobility can help any size business by using mobile devices like ipad,Smartphones,and tables to reach customers 24/7. Check out our MERP page on mobility in retail then take a look at our manage services to see how we can help you reach your customers today.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Featured Report: FBI warns healthcare firms they are targeted by hackers

Venture Beat

Guess what? Doctors don’t care about your Fitbit data

by: Mark Sullivan
In theory, health wearables could make a real difference by providing a way to monitor at-risk people, like diabetics. They might be a great way to monitor poorer people who often never touch the health care system until it becomes an emergency. Also, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is introducing millions more people into an already taxed healthcare system, and wearables could be a powerful tool to monitor those new members, catching illnesses before they turn into clinic visits.    Read More

Modern Healthcare

Reform Update: Hospitals see more paying patients, but there's a hitch
by: Beth Kutscher 
Insurance expansion under healthcare reform is starting to yield patient volume for hospitals, but the costs of staffing up for more patients are eclipsing the additional revenue.Earnings reports for not-for-profit systems in the first half of the year show that many providers are seeing rising salary and benefit expenses cut into revenue gains, leading to smaller operating surpluses. “As the pieces of the Affordable Care Act are coming together, it's changing the demand for care,” said Jeff Jones, managing director at Huron Consulting Group. “It's shifting the way that providers are thinking about their labor pools.”    Read More


FBI warns healthcare firms they are targeted by hackers
 The FBI has warned that healthcare industry companies are being targeted by hackers, publicizing the issue following an attack on U.S. hospital group Community Health Systems Inc that resulted in the theft of millions of patient records.
"The FBI has observed malicious actors targeting healthcare related systems, perhaps for the purpose of obtaining Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) and/or Personally Identifiable Information (PII)," the agency said in a "Flash" alert obtained by Reuters on Wednesday. Read More 


California court’s BYOD ruling could affect hospitals’ policies
by: Jonah Comstock
A new California Court of Appeals ruling has dealt a major blow to bring your own device (BYOD) policies. Although the case focused on employees working in retail, the court’s decision may have implications for any employer with a BYOD policy in place. It could potentially have repercussions for healthcare down the road.
In a class action lawsuit, a customer service representative named Colin Cochran sued his employer, Schwan’s home food delivery service on behalf of 1,500 customer service reps who had been denied reimbursement for work calls made on their personal mobile phones. Overturning the verdict of the California Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals ruled that employers must reimburse employees for some “reasonable portion” of their phone bill, even if the employee’s phone plan was unlimited (so the work calls cost them no additional money) or was paid for by a third party.  Read More

Healthcare  POP Mobile Application

Healthcare Providers,
As you know Healthcare IT is changing every day especially in the new m-health field. Where mobile devices like iPhones, Smartphones and tablets becoming how doctors react to their patients and staff. But with this changes comes new laws about how mobility should be used to work with patient data in a secure way. This is where our mobile app called "Healthcare POP" can help Healthcare POP brings all of your healthcare info into one web-based app that can that can work on every mobile, tablet and desktop. For more information on Healthcare POP visit our demo website at Then PM us a call if you have any questions.  

Best Regards,
Howard Lee
Wirehead Technology
Tel: 773-944-0370

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Featured Report: When the FCC gambles on number portability, consumers stand to lose

Wireless Week

B&N and Samsung Launch New Nook Tablet
by: Andrew Berg
NEW YORK - Barnes & Noble (B&N) Wednesday unveiled its new Nook tablet, the first of its products to be released since the company announced it would outsource its line of slates to Samsung. The new Nook is essentially a re-branded Galaxy Tab 4 that comes running Barnes & Noble’s Android overlay.  B&N CEO Mike Huseby called the launch an “historic” day for his company, saying that he was very proud to be partnering with Samsung. 
Tim Baxter, president Of Samsung Electronics America, noted that the research firms are seeing a slow-down in tablets, but he also said that Samsung continues to see sales of its slate grow. He attributed that growth to Samsung's variety of sizes and choices.  Read More

RCR Wireless Week

When the FCC gambles on number portability, consumers stand to lose
The Federal Communications Commission will soon make a critical decision regarding a vital component of the U.S. telecommunications infrastructure: selecting the administrator for local number portability. Portability enables U.S. consumers to keep their phone numbers when they switch carriers and supports the routing of virtually every voice call and text message sent across the country The FCC will decide whether to stay with current vendor Neustar or direct the industry to transition to a new vendor, Telcordia, a subsidiary of Ericsson. The contract with Neustar is currently scheduled to expire in July 2015, about 10 months from now.  Read More

Fierce Developer

'Like' it or not, Facebook's developer program change is the right decision
by: Shane Schick
According to Facebook, all app developers using its platform should be able to honestly quote a version of Sally Field's famous Oscar acceptance speech: "They 'like' me! They really, really 'like' me!" Earlier this month, Facebook made some significant updates to its Platform Policies under games and proper use. The first one comes as no surprise: In keeping with recent moves by Google and increased threats from regulatory bodies, Facebook is requiring developers to be up front about any in-app purchase requirements in so-called free-to-play (F2P) games. Read More

RCR Wireless News

Reality Check: Making voice over Wi-Fi a reality
Wi-Fi is now an essential part of our smartphone and tablet-enabled lifestyle. Today, more than two-thirds of our monthly wireless data is consumed over Wi-Fi, and all signs are that this proportion will continue to grow. So while the traditional, cellular-centric view of the industry positions Wi-Fi as a support to the mobile network, there is an alternative and provocative perspective: we actually use the cellular network as in-fill during the time we spend away from our Wi-Fi connections, be they in the home, the office or our favourite coffee shop. Read More

Wirehead Technology: IBM Showcase
We are an IBMer,  Wirehead Technology has teamed up with IBM to bring a broad range of business and technology services that deliver real business results and can help connect your business's people, information and systems to create a smarter, more successful enterprise. Proven to work for small and medium businesses, the IBM Collaboration Solutions portfolio delivers robust collaboration software that empowers people to connect, collaborate, and innovate while optimizing the way they work. IBM Collaboration Solutions capabilities help our customers become a social business, one that embraces networks of people to create business value.  Click Here  

Monday, August 18, 2014

Featured Report: 38% of All Ecommerce Site Visits Came From Mobile and Tablet Devices

Muli-Channel Merchant

38% of All Ecommerce Site Visits Came From Mobile and Tablet Devices

by: Tim Parry
Ecommerce is going mobile: 38% of all ecommerce traffic during the first half of the year mobile devices and tablets, according to a report by ShopVisible.
ShopVisible said its customers saw an 18% overall increase in online revenue during the first half of the year, with a 42% increase alone in the month of June.
But despite the growing percentage of traffic, ecommerce conversion rates remain much lower on mobile devices and tablets, signaling a greater need to focus on an omnichannel user experience for all visitors, regardless of device.  Read More

Site Pro News

How Shareable Content Can Boost Your SEO
by: Adrienne Erin
At a time when content marketing is all the rage, it’s easy to forget that not all content is created equal.
There is some content that is superior to others when it comes to search engine optimization, and that’s the content that people want to share. Call it the “it factor” of SEO.
Content with shareability stands a greater chance of going viral, of course, but it goes beyond that. Highly shareable content is also looked upon fondly by Google, which is essentially sponsoring an online popularity contest. When Google sees that other people like your content and are sharing it widely, it bumps up the rankings for that content.
Of course, saying shareable content is good is one thing; actually producing it is another. Here are some tips on how to create shareable content and how it can help your SEO. Read More

Business Intelligence 

BYOD or CYOD: Which Makes More Sense For Your Business?
by:Rick Delgado 
Mobile devices have made the business world both easier to manage yet far more complicated than ever before. In an effort to address the needs of this rapidly developing marketplace, businesses have permitted employees to use personal devices at work through Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. In recent years, the BYOD movement has grown in popularity, with many companies adopting programs that seek to take advantage of BYOD’s benefits. Read More


5 Key Principles for a Company's Website Redesign

by:Jerry Jao

A company website is the face of a business and one of its main sales tool, so it needs to be built with the aim of converting visitors into customers.The primary goal of a site is to educate the audience on what the company does, why it provides the best solution for people's needs and prompt users to take action (subscribe, contact the corporation or purchase) as quickly as possible. Even when a company has the best product or service in its industry, if its website is not communicating messages quickly, concisely and effectively, this can result in valuable customers being lost to competitors.  Read More

Wirehead Technology Web Strategy Services

Our Web Strategy Services Takes your website further we will create a system that will include mobility and social media as part of the solution that will allow iphones,Androids,Smartphones, and other mobile devices access the products or services you have to offer. We have partnered the top web service vendors like IBM Websphere, Pinnacle Shopping Cart,Short Stack,Benchmark, and more as part of our MERP Web Strategy Services to give you the best of the best in Web 2.0. Enter Here

Friday, August 15, 2014

Featured Report: Patients should have access to network info before buying health plans: analyst

Healthcare IT News

Telemedicine finds favor, but needs vary
by: Mike Miliard
Nearly half of healthcare organizations polled for a new HIMSS Analytics report use telemedicine technology -- with some of them combining as many as four different tools to enable remote care. The 2014 U.S. Telemedicine Study, the first of HIMSS  Analytics' new Essentials Briefs series, tracks a technology strategy that's increasingly finding favor among healthcare providers who are seeking ways to deliver better care to a larger patient populations at lower costs. "Organizations continue to strive toward a value-based rather than volume-based care model, and many telemedicine technologies can aid in that transition," said HIMSS Analytics Research Director Brendan FitzGerald in a press statement. Read More

Fierce Mobile Healthcare

Hospital streamlines ER consults via tablets
by: Judy Mottl
A year-long mHealth pilot program featuring the use of iPads and initiated by a Pennsylvania health network aims to enhance emergency medical services for home-based patients while reducing emergency room visits and hospital admissions.
The pre-hospital telemedicine effort, deployed by the Pittsburgh-based Allegheny Health Network, is the first in the state involving emergency medical services. Patients can speak directly to ER physicians via an iPad connection,  Read More


Why hospitals are investing in telemedicine technology
by: Jonah Comstock
Forty-six percent of healthcare providers answering a HIMSS survey used multiple telemedicine technologies in their practice, with the most popular technology by far being two-way video messaging.
HIMSS had 400 responses to an online survey, mostly from directors and managers at hospitals, but also from doctors and nurses in hospitals and private practices. The results paint a picture of telemedicine slowly being adopted to fill niches in a healthcare system still very much focused on Meaningful Use.  Read More

Modern Healthcare

Patients should have access to network info before buying health plans: analyst

by: Melanie Evans 
Regulators should back off health plans that give patients a limited choice of hospital and physician options or risk stifling innovation and raising prices, a health policy expert argues in the New England Journal of Medicine.
Instead, regulators should ensure patients have access to network information before they buy health plans, wrote David Howard, an economics and health policy associate professor at Emory University. Another option is for insurers to leave the trade-off between cost and choice to consumers through greater use of tiered networks.
Narrow networks (as the limited-choice health plans are known) give insurers leverage in price negotiations amid a wave of consolidation by health systems, hospitals and physicians, Howard wrote in a perspective piece for the journal.  Read More

Healthcare IT Managed Services
Healthcare Providers are you having trouble keeping up with the new government rules and regulations in Healthcare and don't know where to turn to get help? Then let us help you Wirehead Technology's Healthcare Managed IT Services will work with you to help you not only understand the rules but put together all the IT services that will help you comply with all the new Healthcare rules and stay with you to make sure your Healthcare practice is always up to date on all of the rules. To see how we can help your practice visit our Healthcare IT page