Friday, October 24, 2014

Featured Report: Mobile EHR Users More Satisfied Than Desktop, Laptop Users


Mobile EHR Users More Satisfied Than Desktop, Laptop Users
by: Greg Slabodkin
A new survey of nearly 600 physicians reveals that those accessing electronic health records from mobile devices report higher levels of satisfaction and fewer challenges with their EHRs than non-mobile users. The annual survey, which research firm Software Advice commissioned polling firm Research Now to conduct, indicates that 58 percent of mobile users are "very satisfied" with their EHR versus only 28 percent of non-mobile users. In addition, mobile users are less affected by common EHR software challenges than non-mobile users. Just 39 percent of mobile users report that learning how to use their EHR system was challenging compared to 58 percent of non-mobile users.Read More

Modern Healthcare 

Castlight Health tool saves money for patients, JAMA study shows

by: Darius Tahir 
Using Castlight Health's price discovery tool results in strong savings for customers shopping for the best deal in imaging—but not in clinician office visits or lab results, a study released in JAMA shows. The results provide an “early glimpse of the potential ability of greater price transparency to influence the choices patients make,” Princeton professor Uwe Reinhardt wrote in an accompanying editorial. The study, co-authored by two Castlight data analysts and Neeraj Sood, the director of research at USC's Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics who also is a paid adviser to Castlight, examined 253,757 households insured by 18 large employers between 2010 and 2013 and using Castlight Health's price transparency platform.  Read More


Government Indifference Must Not Stand in the Way of Mobile Health Innovation
by: Morgan Reed

Outdated elements of health care regulation pose a serious threat to innovation. Without substantial changes, new technologies that can improve the lives of patients and the capabilities of their caregivers will remain out of reach to most consumers. Scores of mobile health companies have shared stories about federal regulatory requirements that fail to keep pace with advancing technology. These companies are providing critical services to patients and providers in both consumer and enterprise settings. They have become frustrated with factions within HHS that stand in the way of mobile health innovation. Read More

Healthcare IT News

Wearable tech must get smart with data
by: Mike Miliard
For wearable technology to live up to the hype, especially when it comes to healthcare, it will have to be "interoperable, integrated, engaging, social and outcomes-driven," according to PwC. One in five American adults already own a wearable device, according to PwC's new series, "The Wearable Future," a rapid adoption rate that's only expected to increase. But in a related report from PwC's Health Research Institute, "Health wearables: Early days," data suggests many of the fitness bands and step-tracking smartwatches flooding the market have "under-delivered on expectations." To wit: 33 percent of consumers who purchased a wearable technology device more than a year ago now say they no longer use it, or do so infrequently. Read More

Mobile Healthcare POP

Healthcare Providers,
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Featured Report: A Microsoft smartwatch could be here within weeks

ZD Net

A Microsoft smartwatch could be here within weeks
by: Liam Tung
Microsoft's long-rumoured smartwatch could be announced within weeks, giving the company a device to square up to wearables from Apple and Google's Wear partners. According to Forbes, Microsoft could launch the device within the next few weeks, with a focus on health. According to the report, the device will passively track its user's heart rate, and give the company a platform for building health and other apps on. Read More

The VAR Guy

CompTIA: More Companies Taking Ownership of Branding, Marketing
by: Michael Cusanelli 
IT channel companies are becoming more self-reliant on their own branding, marketing and sales activities, according to a new study by CompTIA. The increase of in-house marketing and sales activities is chiefly being driven by the rising importance of new services such as cloud computing, changing customer demand and a more varied lineup of competitors, according to the company. CompTIA surveyed 350 IT companies for its fourth annual State of the Channel study, which examined the size, shape and growth factors affecting the channel. Read More

Fierce Wireless

Verizon again leans on tablets for postpaid subscriber growth in Q3
by: Phil Goldstein
Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ) added more postpaid subscribers in the third quarter than financial analysts had expected, and the growth was again largely driven by tablet activations, not phones. Just as it did in the second quarter, in the third quarter Verizon relied heavily on tablet activations for the vast majority of its subscriber additions. In the third quarter Verizon added 1.53 million retail net connections, including 1.52 million retail postpaid connections. Of those though, Verizon added just 457,000 postpaid phones and leaned heavily on 1.1 million postpaid tablet activations in the period. In the year-ago quarter Verizon had 483,000 postpaid phone adds. Read More

Wireless Week

Report: Lenovo Crafting Bid for BlackBerry
by: Andrew Berg
BlackBerry stock got a nearly 8 percent bump in early trading Monday as new rumors surfaced that Lenovo may acquire the Canadian smartphone maker. According to Benzinga, which cited a source familiar with the matter, Lenovo could make a play for BlackBerry as early as this week. Lenovo is apparently eyeing a $15 per share price for BlackBerry but the deal could go as high as $18 per share, according to Benzinga. Read More

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Featured Report:Mobile ads pushing more purchases

Marketing Sherpa Blog

Marketing Strategy: What is your “Only Factor”?
by: Austin McCraw
Warning: I am about to offend someone. It could be you. It might not be. Either way, I wouldn’t continue reading unless you’re up for having your notion of marketing challenged and you have the time to leave a ranting blog comment — just in case you end up feeling the need to. Let’s talk about marketing strategy for a moment. That’s right. Put down your proverbial to-do list, and let’s talk about the force behind the success (or failure) of all your marketing campaigns — your value proposition.   Read More

Mobile Marketing Daily

Mobile Said To Take Budget From Print, TV

by: Mark Walsh
Marketers plan to increase mobile ad spending this year at the expense of print, television and digital display media, according to new findings  by research firm Advertiser Perceptions. More immune to mobile budget poaching were social media, digital video and search.Among the 300 agency and marketing “decision makers” interviewed online in July, findings revealed that print will suffer the most from growing mobile ad budgets, with 41% citing that category as a source for mobile ad dollars. Another 34% indicated they would shift money from TV advertising to mobile, while 32% will tap digital display budgets. Nearly four in 10 (38%) said an overall expansion in ad budgets would fund more mobile ad spending.  Read More

Dex Media

Local SEO: How to Know When You’re Winning
You’re paying good money to a search engine optimization (SEO) expert or taking your own valuable time to do it yourself, so how is SEO paying off for your local business? No, we’re not asking if you’re top-ranked on Google; that’s increasingly tough to measure, as Google serves up more personalized results to its users and keeps changing the layout of its pages (for instance, one bit of prime real estate, the “7-pack” of local business listings, disappeared for many searches last summer). Read More


Study: Mobile ads pushing more purchases
by: Kristina Knight
Mobile devices have been shown to push more interaction from shoppers in-store - from product research to coupon downloading - but one new study indicates there is a shift in m:commerce. The study, from Marin Software, indicates mobile is shifting from influencer to converter.  New data out this week from Marin Software shows mobile devices are now pushing more conversions. According to researchers smartphones and tablets now account for about one-third of conversions on Google (30%) and Facebook (35%). Some interesting takeaways from the report include Read More

Wirehead Technology's IBM Showcase

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Featured Report: Telehealth Use Growing Amid Pressure for Convenient, Affordable Care Alternatives


Telehealth Use Growing Amid Pressure for Convenient, Affordable Care Alternatives
by: Lisa Zamosky
Delivery of care remotely with the use of telecommunications is a rapidly growing segment of the health care market.According to the American Telemedicine Association, there are about 200 telemedicine networks in the U.S., with 3,500 service sites. A host of private companies sell telemedicine services that offer around-the-clock access to physicians who can provide remote medical exams and prescribe medications.  Read More

Consultant Live

Good Medicine is What Does Work, Not What We Think Should Work

by: Pat Bass III

Medicine is what helps or heals our patients, even if we, as a treating physician, do not believe in it or think it should have worked.To say I have not been an early adopter in the areas of complementary and alternative medicine would be an understatement.  My medical education did not cover any of these areas and in a busy practice and administrative life, I struggle to keep up with what I considered legitimate treatments, therapies, and diagnostic testing.  Read More

Modern Healthcare

Reform Update: Measure ranks docs on how much patients improve

by: Melanie Evans 
Patients of top-performing doctors were cared for at less expense and left the hospital earlier and in better health than those treated by doctors at the bottom of a new measure of physician value. Demand for ways to rank individual doctors on results is growing and the measure, based on teacher evaluations, highlights the intensity of efforts to develop effective ratings. Read More


RWJF initiative to explore health data in communities
by: Jonah Comstock 
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has begun an initiative to explore how health data can best serve not just individuals, but communities. The new initiative, called Data for Health, will be led by an advisory committee co-chaired by David Ross, director of the Public Health Informatics Institute, and Dr. Ivor Horn, medical director of the Center for Diversity and Health Equity at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Read More

Healthcare Mobile POP

Healthcare Providers,
As you know Healthcare IT is changing every day especially in the new m-health field. Where mobile devices like iPhones, Smartphones and tablets becoming how doctors react to their patients and staff. But with this changes comes new laws about how mobility should be used to work with patient data in a secure way. This is where our mobile app called "Healthcare POP" can help Healthcare POP brings all of your healthcare info into one web-based app that can that can work on every mobile, tablet and desktop. For more information on Healthcare POP visit our demo website at Then call us if you have any questions.

Best Regards,
Howard Lee
Wirehead Technology
Tel: 312-286-8416

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Featured Report: From Sprint to Microsoft:The 5 biggest job cutters in wireless in 2014

Fierce Wireless

From Sprint to Microsoft: The 5 biggest job cutters in wireless in 2014
by: Phil Goldstein
Last week the U.S. economy marked a major milestone: The official unemployment rate dipped to 5.9 percent, the first time it has been below 6 percent since the summer of 2008. Indeed, some companies in the wireless industry that shed thousands of jobs in recent years are now on the mend. For example, BlackBerry (NASDAQ:BBRY) CEO John Chen said earlier this summer the company has finished its three-year-long restructuring efforts as it seeks to refocus on the enterprise market, and would begin targeted hiring. Additionally, Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE: ALU) has seen its finances recover after announcing more than 15,000 job cuts in the past three years. Read More

ZD Net

iPad: Art object or enterprise tablet?
by: Jason Perlow
Yesterday, I talked a bit about my yearly ritual of trading in my iPad for the latest and greatest model, and why as IT professionals it may make sense to think about our device purchases as leased equipment that depreciates heavily and is turned in for the newest technology, rather than holding onto it indefinitely, as a consumer might. The iPad is, at the end of the day, a consumer device. But you would have to be completely unaware of the increasingly common use cases in which scores of CxOs and other executives and IT pros are bringing them into the workplace for use with all kinds of productivity workloads now, whether they are BYOD outright or are actual corporate assets.  Read More

Fierce Wireless

Samsung starts supporting Nokia's HERE mapping platform on its Galaxy devices
by: Phil Goldstein
Nokia's (NYSE:NOK) HERE mapping platform is now available for download on Samsung Electronics' Galaxy smartphones, marking the first time Nokia is bringing its core mapping software to devices that run on Google's (NASDAQ: GOOG) Android. Nokia announced a licensing deal with Samsung for HERE at the end of August. The HERE app is available in Samsung's Galaxy App Store and will run on Galaxy devices running Android 4.1 and beyond that have 1 GB of RAM or more. The app will also come preloaded on new Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Read More

Computer World

Microsoft keeps Windows 10 promotion to a minimum for consumers 

by: Gregg Keizer
Microsoft's Sept. 30 rollout of Windows 10 was focused on enterprise customers because the company doesn't want consumers to hold off on holiday purchases of computers, said Michael Silver of Gartner. Computers with the new operating system won't ship until mid-2015. "Early in 2015 we'll introduce the consumer chapter and talk much more about other device types and more consumer features," Windows chief Terry Myerson wrote in a blog post Sept. 30.  Read More

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Featured Report: 7 Quick Marketing Tips for Attracting Holiday Business

ZD Net

For enterprise, mobile devices about to become irrelevant
by:  Larry Dignan
 Samsung has revved up a services engine to better target enterprises and sell Galaxy tablets and smartphones. Apple has paired up with IBM to drive enterprise sales of iPhones and iPads. And Microsoft has Nokia, Surface and other devices. But a funny thing is happening on the mobility front when it comes to real business: The actual device is becoming irrelevant.  Read More

Marketing Sherpa

How reputation affects success (and 5 ways to improve it)

by:Daniel Burstein
For an ecommerce transaction, trust is essential. While ecommerce has grown significantly, it still requires more confidence for a customer to purchase from an online retailer (where the value of the product and reliability of the store is conceptual) than a brick-and-mortar retailer (where customers can touch and feel a product and take it home instantly). We wanted to test this theory and see how reputation affects overall ecommerce success. In thisMarketingSherpa Ecommerce Benchmark Study survey Read More

Dex Media

7 Quick Marketing Tips for Attracting Holiday Business
The final weeks of 2014 are upon us, ready or not. It’s 11 weeks until Christmas, and savvy shoppers are already making plans to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Even if you don’t have a retail business or sell gifts or holiday-related items, you’re probably thinking of ways your business can capitalize on holiday activity. Read More

Mobile Marketing Watch

Infographic Shows the ‘Good and Bad’ of Social Media Marketing
by: Michael Essany
Just because everyone, it seems, is using social media marketing for their business doesn’t mean that everyone is using it effectively. “Despite the growth of social media marketing,” says Kimberlee Morrison of SocialTimes , “CMOs still have some questions. Social has the potential to connect brands with consumers the world over, but only for those who understand how to use the medium.”   Read More

First Communications Business Services

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Featured Report: Connected healthcare device sales to surpass $3B by 2019


HIEs Continue to Face Barriers to Interoperability
by: Greg Slabodkin 
While health information exchange organizations are growing in maturity, they continue to face cost and technical challenges that remain key barriers to interoperability, according to the eHealth Initiative’s 2014 health data exchange survey. The annual survey, which the eHealth Initiative has been conducting for the past 11 years, tracks the growth and progress of electronic health data exchange efforts across the United States. Of 267 identified HIEs, 125 respondents fully completed the survey—74 community-based HIOs, 25 statewide efforts, 26 healthcare delivery organizations—and an additional 10 gave partial responses.  Read More

Modern Healthcare

CMS posts long-awaited Pioneer ACO quality and financial results
by: Melanie Evans 
The CMS published for the first time the quality and financial performance for individual Pioneer accountable care organizations, a small, select group enlisted for Medicare's most ambitious test of the payment model. First year financial results show health spending slowed as much as 7% (PDF)among some ACOs and accelerated as much as 5% for others. In the second year, health spending slowed as much as 5.4% among those that reduced patients' medical bills and accelerated as much as 5.6% where costs escalated.  Read More


Study: Connected healthcare device sales to surpass $3B by 2019
by: Aditi Pai
 Connected healthcare device sales will exceed $3 billion globally by 2019, according to a report from analysis firm Juniper ResearchJuniper explains that the connected healthcare devices it looked at include blood pressure cuffs, oximeters for diabetes, and sleep monitors for sleep apnea.  According to the research firm, this growth can be partially attributed to the result of Apple and Samsung’s newly launched health platforms, HealthKit and SAMI. Samsung unveiled its Samsung Architecture Multimodal Interactions, or SAMI, in May. It described the platform as a “data broker” that future third party health tracking devices could upload data to. This data could then be used by app developers to create new apps. Read More

Modern Healthcare

Health officials tell medical technology group to 'prove it'
by: Sabriya Rice
“Prove it.” That was the resounding message to medical-device manufacturers during the annual Advanced Medical Technology Association conference in Chicago this week. Innovation is needed to advance medicine and better patients' quality of life, but gone are the days of sticking higher price tags on products that only provide incremental improvements, the leaders of health insurance companies, health systems, quality improvement and consumer organizations told the industry. Read More 

Healthcare IT Managed Services

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