Monday, November 24, 2014

Featured Report: Get on Shoppers' Holiday Wish Lists by Using These Search Advertising Tips

WIX Blog

10 Gmail Tricks that Will Turn Your Life Around
by: Staff
How many emails do you get a day? Five, fifty, one hundred? Whatever the number, there’s a good chance that a big chunk of your communication is by email. With so many mails bombarding your inbox daily, it can be hard to stay on top of it all. If your email inbox gets cluttered faster than a teenager’s bedroom, we’ve got some handy tips to make things a little more manageable. Here’s our list of our favorite Google Labs & shortcuts to make you the master of your inbox.  Read More

Media Daily News

Global Media Viewing Up, Mobile Consumption Doubles

by:Wayne Friedman
Global media consumption rose over six hours per week in 2013 versus a year ago — with still-surging digital media a main factor. Worldwide media usage grew 2.8% to 43.78 hours a week -- up six hours, 15 minutes, and 16 seconds versus 2012, according to media researcher PQ Media.  Digital media usage grew 13.2% to 5.79 hours per week, with Gen-Xers (those born between 1965 and 1979) averaging 7.36 hours a week.  Read More

Marketing Proofs
Get on Shoppers' Holiday Wish Lists by Using These Search Advertising Tips [Infographic]

by:VerĂ³nica Maria Jarski
More than half (51%) of shoppers plan to purchase holiday items online, according to the following Yahoo infographic. Moreover, 88% of shoppers have researched a product online then purchased in a store. So if you want to get on holiday shoppers' wish lists, use the infographic's search advertising tips. One big tip: make sure your site is optimized for mobile. "Some 76% of smartphone owners plan to use their device for holiday shopping," states Yahoo.Also, be mindful of the busiest days of the season, such as Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Green Monday: "On these days, search advertisers should expect clicks to spike 119% compared to the daily average or the quarter," advises Yahoo. Read More

Mobile Shop Talk

45% Frequently Use Shopping Apps, 90% Use Phones in Bed
by: Chuck Martin

While mobile has changed how people shop, it doesn’t mean retailers have kept up with the transformation. And shoppers aren’t stopping there, with ever increasing desires for more mobile services from retailers. The majority (60%) of smartphone owners say having a mobile device has changed how they shop, according to a new study. And when it comes to mobile shopping, apps don’t rule, based on the 2014 Digital Impact Survey.  Read More

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Featured Report: Twitter may help track flu outbreaks

Kaiser Health News

Pacemakers Get Hacked On TV, But Could It Happen In Real Life?
by: Daniela Hernandez and Julie Appleby 
Jay Radcliffe breaks into medical devices for a living, testing for vulnerabilities as a security researcher.He’s also a diabetic, and gives himself insulin injections instead of relying on an automated insulin pump, which he says could be hacked.“I’d rather stab myself six times a day with a needle and syringe,” Radcliffe recently told security experts meeting near Washington, D.C. “At this point, those devices are not up to standard.” Concern about the vulnerability of medical devices like insulin pumps, defibrillators, fetal monitors and scanners is growing as health care facilities increasingly rely on devices that connect with each other, with hospital medical record systems and —directly or not — with the Internet. Read More

Fierce Mobile Healthcare

Twitter may help track flu outbreaks
by: Judy Mottl
Twitter is proving to be a viable way to track seasonal flu outbreaks, though researchers recommend further study regarding using tweets to monitor influenza outbreaks.
A study by nearly a dozen San Diego State University researchers, published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, reveals the social network is becoming a more reliable and accurate supplementary surveillance tool when it comes to identifying flu outbreaks. "With the popularity of social media growing, the Internet is a source for syndromic surveillance due to the availability of large amounts of data," according to the study abstract, which notes that collecting data on flu activity can be slow, and typically delayed by up to two weeks, when using traditional data collection methods. Read More

Fierce Health IT

NIST releases draft guidance on sharing cyberattack info
by: Katie Dvorak
Healthcare providers can help one another when it comes to cyberattacks by sharing information during and after an attack, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has created draft guidelines to help organizations handle those relationships. "By sharing cyber threat information, organizations can gain valuable insights about their adversaries," Christopher Johnson, lead author of the guidelines, said in an announcement. "They can learn the types of systems and information being targeted, the techniques used to gain access and indicators of compromise."  Read More

Modern Healthcare

Here's why healthcare should be talking about net neutrality
by: Darius Tahir 
The techie term “net neutrality” likely isn't in the daily lexicon of most senior healthcare executives. But it should be, and soon, argue those in healthcare technology who have been following the topic. The wireless telecommunications industry's trade group, CTIA, for example, has been circulating a letter to healthcare organizations, asking their support to oppose regulation that would ensure continued net neutrality. But others argue healthcare benefits from net neutrality and should be lobbying for its continuance via a new Federal Communications Commission mandate.  Read More

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Wirehead Technology Customized Computers
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Monday, November 17, 2014

Featured Report: Mobile Devices Spur Sharing of Timely Content

Venture Beat

Facebook ad exec says mobile marketing is (and must be) highly personal

by: Mark Sullivan

SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook’s head of tech and telco marketing Jane Schachtel said that mobile marketers in particular must go the extra mile to make sure they treat consumers like people. Mobile devices are highly personal, she says, so the advertising content presented on them must be carefully personalized.  The reward for marketers who do that well is significant. Schachtel said only $16 billion, or about two percent, of the total worldwide ad spend will be spent on mobile next year. That means there’s lots of room for growth. “This presents a huge opportunity,” she told the crowd here at the Mobile First conference Thursday. People’s relationships with their mobile devices have gotten more substantive and complex. “People used to go to the mobile web to find one specific thing,” Schachtel says.  Read More

Tech Crunch

Samsung And SAP Partner On Mobile Devices For Business
by: Jonathan Shieber

Taking another page from the Apple playbookSamsung is announcing a massive partnership with the enterprise software giant SAP to battle Apple’s collaboration with IBM in the enterprise.The two companies said they will collaborate to “build on the popularity and reach of Samsung’s mobile innovations and the SAP Mobil Platform,” according to a joint statement from the companies.Among the innovations the two companies are developing will be an integrated payments solution that can potentially compete with the mobile payment juggernaut that is Apple Pay. Read More


Mobile Devices Spur Sharing of Timely Content
by: Staff
In the age of social media, it's typical to first learn about a major event via social feeds. The reason why is clear—the proliferation of social and mobile facilitate the sharing of timely news. According to Q3 2014 data from ShareThis, social media users are much more likely to share content via mobile devices after a major current event occurs. The data comes from the analysis of content shares regarding major events such as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the Ferguson Riots, the Apple Launch Event and Shark Week. Read More 

Advertising Age

Automakers Testing Mobile Tech You Can Tap To
by: Vince Bond Jr..

Mobile marketing is quickly becoming a contact sport. Automakers such as Ford and Toyota are illustrating how static ads on screens and billboards can quickly generate dynamic ads for the smartphone through the use of near-field communication, the short-range wireless communications technology that's behind Apple Pay and works with a quick tap of the phone. By 2018, IHS expects global shipments of near-field communication-enabled phones to soar to 1.2 billion, up from 275 million in 2013. That opens a wealth of possibilities for marketers to turn smartphones into a more robust marketing medium. Read More

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Featured Report: EHRs to save $78B over 5 years

Healthcare IT News

EHRs to save $78B over 5 years
by: Bernie Monegain,
EHRs are expected to save the global healthcare industry as much as $78 billion over five years, according to new analysis from Juniper Research.The Juniper report Digital Health, Remote Monitoring EHR Cost Savings 2014-2019, notes that EHRs are crucial as the supporting infrastructure for a wide range of digital healthcare and mHealth projects. Also, new accountable care organizationinitiatives, where healthcare providers are paid according to the measured wellness of a patient population, are resulting in a re-think in how healthcare needs should be addressed. The report finds that the medical profession will increasingly rely on EHRs to support disparate elements of digital health. Read More

Health Data Management

Older Americans May Miss Out on Web Health Highway
by: Greg Goth

When it comes to the benefits of electronic health records, older Americans may be left behind, according to a new University of Michigan study. Less than a third of Americans age 65 and over use the web for health information and barely 10 percent of those with low health literacy--or ability to navigate the healthcare system--go online for health-related matters, according to the nationally representative study that appears in the Journal of General Internal Medicine  Read More

M2M Now Events

The paradox of digital health, part 1: Money
by: Christopher Wasden
Despite the overwhelming evidence of the benefits of digital health over the traditional analog services, we have seen significant barriers to adoption that have resulted in what I refer to as the Ten Paradoxes of Digital Health. This article will address the Money Paradox. The Money Paradox in Digital Health is that healthcare stakeholders seem to be unwilling to transform their business models to deliver the digital triple aim of greater access, with better quality at lower cost unless they are paid more than at present to do it. How can we save money if we have to pay providers more to adopt money saving technologies?  Read More


Survey: Hospital execs bullish on telemedicine, but slow to adopt
by: Jonah Comstock
A survey by the law firm Foley & Lardner LLP of 57 executives at provider organizations found a healthy interest in telemedicine, but that concrete adoption is still in the early stages, and possibly more than a decade away. Only 3 percent of respondents considered telemedicine unimportant to their organizations. Fifty-two percent found it very important and 32 percent said it was important to their organizations.  Read More

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Featured Report Mobile Tech Projected to Rule Black Friday Sales

WebPro News

Has Google Lived Up To Its ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Mantra?
Chris Crum
Google’s famous “Don’t be Evil” mantra has been questioned time and time again for many years, but it’s back in the spotlight thanks to comments made recently by co-founder and CEO Larry Page. Page did an interview with the Financial Times in which he talked about how, as the FT put it, “the search engine’s original mission is not big enough for what he now has in mind. Read More


Man or Machine? Tactics to Humanize Your Website
by: Guest
It’s no secret that people are going to like things that seem more human and less robotic. However, making a blog seem more “human” can be a difficult task (especially if you’re an eCommerce company). It sounds funny that making something “human” would be hard for, well you know – humans. But the truth is that transferring feeling onto a blog or website takes a lot of work. Read More 

Website Magazine

A Brighter Digital Tomorrow - The Online Store of the Future 

by: Peter Prestipino
To see what’s in store for the future of the Web, look no further than the e-commerce industry. Digital retailers know firsthand that the technology currently in play within that vertical almost always defines what happens outside of it – from information publishing to Web-based service providers. The needs of those in e-commerce in many ways drives technology development as online sellers are perpetually looking for greater efficiency, deeper engagement and loyalty from consumers and, of course, more conversions. Retailers are employing a variety of interesting new technologies and capitalizing on some innovative development to do so. Let’s explore what is shaping the future of the online store and guide your e-commerce enterprise to a brighter tomorrow.  Read More

Mobile Marketing Watch

Mobile Tech Projected to Rule Black Friday Sales
by:  Michael Essany
As you start putting together your Black Friday shopping list, you might want to consider adding a few higher-end items like tablets onto the list. You certainly won’t be alone in that exercise. In fact, the latest industry data calls for record Black Friday sales of tablets, smartphones, and just about anything else that’s cool, connected, and mobile. Best of all, the deals this year on mobile tech should be considerable. Read More

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Featured Report: Does social media boost healthcare careers?

Health Data Management

Gallup Suggests Health App Adoption Strategies
Greg Goth

Recent research from Gallup not only indicates the popularity of mobile device-based health apps is accelerating, but also dissects which types of apps are linked to specific types of well-being."Some types of apps are more closely related to high well-being outcomes than others,” say Gallup researchers Dan Witters and Sanjeeta Agrawal. "While use of running map apps and apps for healthy restaurant menu options are mutually highly linked to both social and physical well-being, other apps are more uniquely aligned. Apps for water intake and healthy recipes are strongly linked to social well-being benefits, while running maps and personal training apps are strongly associated with physical well-being."  Read More

Fierce Healthcare

Does social media boost healthcare careers?
by: Zack Budryk
Many nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) believe social media use has helped their careers, according to a new survey by The Clinical Advisor.
Just under half of respondents (45 percent) said they used social media in a career context, while more than two-thirds (68 percent) reported using it for personal matters. Of those who used it for business, 28 percent told the publication they feel it helps NPs' and PAs' careers, with no respondents thinking it harmed their careers, while 12 percent said it didn't actively help and 13 percent didn't know. Breaking responses down by specific social networks, LinkedIn was the most commonly used for strictly business purposes (48 percent). It was followed by Google Plus, which 36 percent of respondents used specifically for business purposes, and Facebook, with 26 percent.  Read More


Conference Highlights Progress on Different Fronts in Connected Health Technology
by: Andy Oram
Technology is not the focus of the Connected Health Symposium, but technical advances play a major role there because of the potential for digital technology to help health care meet its broad goals of listening to patients and coordinating care among these patients, their family members and the professional team.In some ways, the technology is far more advanced than the health care providers who could benefit from it, and it is up to those health care institutions to evolve organizationally and culturally. But on the other hand, much technology looks good only on the surface and quickly comes to shame when connected to real-life workflows and patient needs.   Read More


Health insurance upstart Oscar competes on telehealth, user experience
by: Jonah Comstock
In May, Oscar, the New York-based individual-only insurance plan raised $80 million at close to a $1 billion valuation. That brought the company’s total funding to $150 million. It’s an impressive feat for a small startup attempting to compete in health insurance, which is so thoroughly dominated by huge legacy players. At IBF’s Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit in Boston, Oscar co-founder Kevin Nazemi spoke with Bessemer Venture Partner’s Steve Kraus about how a focus on user experience — and a fortuitous market opportunity in the Affordable Care Act — helped catapult Oscar into the national spotlight. He also announced for the first time that the company will be expanding from just New York into New Jersey.  Read More

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Featured Report: Four Marketing Strategies That Paid Off for Small Companies

INC 500

The Next Big Step In Mobile E-commerce
by: Peder Aadahl
I was right!
A year ago, I explained how the launch of the fingerprint security on the iPhone 5s was a good sign for mobile e-commerce. I hinted brands should take advantage of this mobile payment option for their products. In Apple’s fall announcement, this became reality. The new Apple Pay is something that will change the mobile e-commerce industry dramatically. Already, big brands like Target are jumping on board so that users can purchase their products seamlessly within the Target App with the press of their thumb.  Read More


Major banks prep their own mobile payment apps

Oct,29,2014by: Martyn Williams
Several major national and international banks are planning to launch their own mobile payments apps next year. The banks would be major competitors to handset makers Apple and Google because unlike others pushing mobile wallet technology, such as mobile phone carriers and retailers, they already have an intimate relationship with consumers and know their spending habits. "Banks all around the world are working on this right now," said James Anderson, senior vice president for mobile and emerging payments at MasterCard. Read More

ZD Net

How workplace technology can transform the small business
by: Krishan Sharma
After eight failed startups, 27-year-old Nic Blair turned things around with two successful businesses — Search Factory and Brus Media.  Search Factory started out from his parents' house, and, in just three years, the company has grown to 27 full-time staff members who operate from two offices in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley, with an annual turnover of more than AU$2 million. Two years ago, Blair took the learnings from Search Factory and founded his second successful venture, Brus Media — a mobile advertising network focused on the growth and monetisation of mobile apps through cost-per-install advertising.  Read More

Wall Street Journal

Four Marketing Strategies That Paid Off for Small Companies

It’s the classic small-business problem: You need to let a lot of people know who you are and what you do. But you don’t have a lot of money to spend.That’s when it’s time to get creative—and a little audacious. Many small businesses lacking in cash have found inexpensive ways to spread the word. Here’s a look at what they’ve done, and what they’ve achieved. Read More

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